MP3: Young Heat’s “Whales (Beginner’s Mix)”

Young Heat – Whales (Beginner’s Mix) from apheliontapes on Vimeo.

After neglecting to check the Fresh Heirs email for a little while, I dove in last night to all the emails regarding comments, Twitter followers, and all the good stuff, hoping that I did not miss anything important. Luckily I didn’t and only hours before, we’d been sent an mp3 from Bryan F, who plays in a “solo/sometimes-two-piece called Young Heat out of Columbus, Ohio.”

I dove into Young Heat’s mp3 of “Whales (Beginner’s Mix)” not knowing quite what to expect, although I did develop an idea. The phrase “solo/sometimes-two-piece” gave me an inkling of looped tracks and reverb, something to be expected out of single person projects these days.

But the one thing that sets this song apart from those other songs is the percussion. Yes, this song is riff-based and sounds like it could come from northern New Jersey, but the percussion just adds an extra element to the song that can expand listening audiences and keep attention spans longer. The riffs throughout “Whales” are solid and really do promote the beach vibe this summer has come to know. Even better is that each time a riff comes back, there is a riff either under it or over it that adds more and more. Kudos for that. Also, watching the above video just enhances the experience.

Download Young Heat’s “Whales (Beginner’s Mix)” here.

Watch another Young Heat video here.



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