Anna on the Road Pt. 1: Deerhunter & Real Estate (+ an Afterparty)

So I’m shipping off to a foreign country in a few weeks and I figured that there’s no better way to end a summer than a show extravaganza. There were about a zillion shows going on in Brooklyn/NYC this weekend but I did my best in between hanging with pals and wandering throughout the boroughs to catch what music I could.

Thursday night was perhaps one of the best free show lineups of the summer: Deerhunter with Real Estate at Pier 54. Plus I was going crazy with my new camera and practicing my best tourist mode…

Real Estate (Photo by Anna)

I saw Deerhunter last summer, also at a free show, when their Round Robin Tour also featuring No Age and Dan Deacon stopped in Brooklyn. That day happened to also be a dangerous rain day and the show had to be moved into Brooklyn Bowl, so I was hoping that they wouldn’t have to suffer a similar fate. Deerhunter was amazing at that show, but I knew that I needed to see them in their own headlining show and this was my chance. The threat of rain had been looming all day but it didn’t stop tons of people from showing up and doing umbrella dances.

Real Estate: Etienne Duguay & Martin Courtney (Photo by Anna)

There’s not much more I can say about Real Estate, except for the fact that it’s becoming downright absurd how many times I have seen them live (now it’s four). They sounded great and played all of my favorites plus a few new ones. Any set that starts off with “Younger Than Yesterday” is cool with me. They also seemed to be vibing pretty well onstage, much better than when we caught them in Baltimore last month, (although you best be vibing well in front of a few thousand people) and bassist Alex Bleeker joked that they were from “over there,” pointing across the Hudson River at the great state of New Jersey.

Real Estate: Alex Bleeker (Photo by Anna)

The set featured new songs they’ve been playing this year (“Art Vandelay,” “All Out of Tune”) plus new single “Reservoir #3” that was recently posted as a parking lot version on Yours Truly and is due out on a 7″ from True Panther, plus a completely new one called “All the Same” that’s over at Eardrum NYC.

Real Estate: Matt Mondanile & Etienne Duguay (Photo by Anna)

Definitely a solid set, complete with the biggest Real Estate fanboy I’ve ever seen, dancing around and singing along to all of the songs (presumably after one too many Budweiser Sprites, if you know what I mean…) Their show is up at nyctaper so check out the live versions and the new stuff too!

Bradford Cox (Photo by Anna)

And Deerhunter? You really have to see them to experience them. I got goosebumps during the first song, and I had never even heard it before. They ripped through a few new ones from the forthcoming Halcyon Digest (out this fall on 4AD) throughout the set (“Revival” was especially hard-hitting) and some hits, including “Never Stops,” “Fluorescent Grey,” “Wash Off” and a new take on “Rainwater Cassette Exchange,” complete with the crazy noise breakdown here and there that had us thinking Sonic Youth with the same feeling that we just experienced a few weeks ago. (And asking each other if we’ll be dragging our kids to see Deerhunter in 25 years?) The encore included the amazing “(Cover Me) Slowly”/”Agoraphobia” duo and a 20-minute jam on “Nothing Ever Happened,” during which the impending rain finally started drizzling.

Deerhunter (Photo by Anna)

You can also grab their whole set over at nyctaper and experience some of the amazingness of what is hands-down one of my favorite bands. Something about the perfect mesh of retro-pop melodies and blissful noise just gets me every time. So definitely catch these guys on their tour this fall with Real Estate and a few shows with Ducktails.

Braving the Rain (Awesome photo by my friend Jeffery!)

Then, to the afterparty…Bradford Cox was DJing at Glasslands in Brooklyn after openers We Are All Romans, Ducktails and The Big Sleep. We missed the first band due to a pizza/refueling pit stop, but got there just in time for Ducktails. This was the third time I had seen Ducktails this summer, but this time Matt Mondanile threw us all for a loop by ditching his full band lineup for his original one-man project with a loop pedal, keyboard and guitar setup (and tons of effects).

"Head in the Clouds" Ducktails at Glasslands (Photo by Anna)

He played a bunch of new “weird stuff” possibly from new one Arcade Dynamics, due out in the fall on Woodsist, including one which he claimed ripped off Panda Bear. Indeed, it had a similar drum machine beat reminiscent of Panda’s new B-side “Slow Motion” and some bros and their biddie friend (we usually don’t see those at Glasslands) in front of me were really getting down (and making it like an obstacle course to take pictures), so they must have been feeling that beat. He closed out the set with familiar tunes “Beach Point Pleasant” and “Killing the Vibe.”

Ducktails (Photo by Anna)

It was cool to finally see the original Ducktails experience, but after Deerhunter I still had that high energy and was ready for the full band lineup I had seen twice this summer already. No worries though, Arcade Dynamics promises to be yet another solid installment in the series of Ducktails releases, and maybe it will come out on time since he has made the move from Olde English Spelling Bee to Woodsist.

The Big Sleep, from the balcony (Photo by Anna)

The Big Sleep also killed it with their dark brand of heavy indie rock, which we watched while chilling on the balcony, which was probably good since they turned on a really bright fluorescent light as part of their stage setup. We spotted Bradford Cox enter during their very energetic set that definitely had everyone awake to dance the night away with Bradford. However, we were feeling the effects of a long day running all around the city and went to chill nearby at the Levee, aka the bar with the koozies, to escape the Glasslands heatwave.

Check some more photos over at Pitchfork and Impose.


P.S. Stay tuned for On the Road Part 2!


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