Tomorrow night: Fresh Heirs go to another show

It comes that time again for Fresh Heirs to go to another show in Baltimore. It’s been several months since our last one, so once again we’re heading out to the Ottobar for a show we’re quite excited about: Warpaint, Javelin, Beach Fossils and Polygons.

Polygons are quite unknown to me, so I look forward to seeing what they could bring to the bill, however, we’re quite familiar with Beach Fossils (Anna’s bffs with them) and their lo-fi late summer vibes.

Javelin threw quite a show at Whartscape this year, with their dancey tracks to Remington.

The headliner Warpaint, who have released one EP, perform wonderful psychedelic dream pop to the stage to close out the night. It should be a wonderful night, and if you’re in the Baltimore area, I recommend attending.

No word if any bands will have coozies.


EDIT: Upon research, Polygons is an improv-electro band, which should be intense. It’s only been one month and two days since Fresh Heirs last went to a show together. And Anna is not bffs with Beach Fossils. We’re looking forward to enjoy some more beach aesthetic while taking in electro beats.


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