Anna’s Summer Reading…Sonic Youth: Goodbye 20th Century

My personal library of books in progress. Maybe next I'll finally finish American Hardcore.

Despite the fact that it’s summer, I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish a book. At all. They’re still sitting there half read. Maybe I’m just burned out from all of that college reading over the past few years?

The exception to all of my slacking in the reading department has been this massive tome by David Browne that spans Sonic Youth’s career from the very beginning until 2006. (Disclaimer: I’ve been reading this book for at least two years but since I just saw Sonic Youth I figured it was finally time to finish up.) Anyway, this is a great in-depth look at the band, their personalities, and the fact that they’ve stayed together for so long despite having families, battles with labels, coping with the changing music industry, and personal dynamics and idiosyncrasies within the band. It’s an extremely candid look at what is probably my favorite band ever and an inspiring tale of the weirdo-noise-band-that-could, from their Kill Yr Idols days and discovering the art of the power drill to the present, where Sonic Youth is now NPR-approved rock music. Very awesome, highly recommended. There’s a couple weeks of summer left, so if you’re feeling inspired or especially scholastic, buy it or borrow it (like I did…for two years…) and get some indie rock knowledge up in that head of yrs.



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