Beach Fossils Does Daytrotter!

If you’re one of our Canadian readers, I’m sure you were thrilled to see Beach Fossils come up and play shows in Toronto and Montreal tonight and tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to some “issues,” that isn’t going to happen. But the next best thing, a live Daytrotter session from Dustin Payseur and the gang, is available for your listening pleasure.

Yesterday, the band, currently on tour with Warpaint and Javelin posted the following note to its Canadian fans on its Facebook page:

Dear Canada,
We had to cancel our dates in Toronto and Montreal due to passport issues (ie losing them). We are very sorry, but we promise to see you soon!


But the real reason we’re here is the Daytrotter session. While the most notable collection of live Beach Fossils music out there is an NYC Taper set from Glasslands in January and the Pitchfork office party performance, both of which do not show the true depth of the band’s live potential. But this Daytrotter session does. The band is crisp and together, meaning the songs sound exactly like they do on the album. The only difference is that the live aspect of the recordings gives it a more personal feeling, a feeling that you’re actually there in the room with the band as they play these songs. The song selection is great as well, as “Sometimes” is one of my favorites off the album and “The Horse,” “Wide Awake,” and “Youth” are solid as well. This Daytrotter is a must download for anyone, and, of course, free.

Speaking of being in the room with the band as they play these songs, there’s a possibility that Fresh Heirs may or may not be at the final show of the Warpaint/Javelin/Beach Fossils tour at the Ottobar on August 17. It’s a possibility. So stay tuned.




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2 responses to “Beach Fossils Does Daytrotter!

  1. Lowden

    Beach Fossils losing stuff? SHOCKING.

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