New NO AGE Songs Available

No Age’s Everything In Between is due out September 28 (same day as Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest) and preceding the album, No Age has released “Glitter,” the album’s second track, as the first single along with “Inflorescence.” The single is available for purchase in 7″ and 12″ form on August 24, with the 12″ also including the songs “In Rebound” and “Vision II.”

As the Pitchfork post says, both songs do sound like No Age and both songs follow the direction the band took with Losing Feeling, the 2009 EP. The increased use of sound samples and manipulation in songs adds more depth to tracks that could seem sparse as just drums and guitar.

In “Glitter,” drummer Dean Spunt sings, “I want you back underneath my skin” longingly. The laid-back vocals seem buried underneath the the extra layers of sound. Because of this, the climax of the song comes through the sound layers and samples instead of the from Spunt’s vocals, which is very interesting from a listener’s perspective. Listeners that loved Losing Feeling are going to immediately connect with “Glitter.” The vocals combined with the drum beat suggest a feeling of loneliness and disconnect, along with a want for resolution. Guitarist Randy Randall keeps his riff simple under all the noise, details that make the listener listen closer and closer each time out.

“Inflorescence” is somewhat of an opposite of “Glitter,” as Randall’s guitar playing takes the stage in front of the noise. It’s more of a banger than the A-side, as Spunt’s drumming is upbeat and pushes the tempo on the song. The pushing never ceases throughout the song and the minor chords thrown in by Randall do much to create a wondrous mood.

As No Age has shown in live shows, the album looks to take many aspects from Losing Feeling, as “Glitter” illustrates, but still have the powerful rock songs that many people know them for like “Depletion.” As more No Age songs from Everything In Between are released, it looks like an arms race between No Age and Deerhunter is shaping up for September 28, meaning that indie rock fans everywhere should be very excited for that day.



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