New Ducktails: Hamilton Road

Arcade Dynamics Cover Art

Ducktails has a new song up on his bandcamp, presumably off his forthcoming album Arcade Dynamics out later this year on Woodsist. It’s a relaxed little pop ditty called “Hamilton Road” that he’s recently thrown into his live set.  You can stream it or purchase it to have the perpetually sunny tune as yours to keep. Enjoy and think about your childhood treehouse. It basically conjures the same image as the picture above; perhaps that’s the album artwork? Give it some time and we’ll find out. Oh, and be sure to catch him on his “world tour“. You can download the track for free over at Pitchfork, or be a good little indie rock fan and purchase the tune like I did before I knew about that Pitchfork giveaway…ahh well, I guess I’m funding his world tour?




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