Review: INEVERYROOM cassette

Probably the last post for a bit. Dan and Anna are seeing awesome shit (Sonic Youth, Ducktails, etc.) in Brooklyn, and I’m on an all week work binge so I make up for the money I spent at Whartscape, on of the things in a cassette by Baltimore band INEVERYROOM.

At Whartscape I heard a variety of sounds. Most of them very good, some of them not so good, and some completely new and mind-boggling. INEVERYROOM was of the latter category. Their combination of tribal beats and melodies that just scream dancing make it overall very enjoyable. The second track “Little Nums” opens with swirling arpeggios that wouldn’t too different from say, Animal Collective. The almost anthemic verses lead to a pounding “We found a home/to call our home (woo-woo!)” chorus. By far my favorite track from  the cassette and their live show. The harmonies from Chase O’Hara and Amy Reid particularly soar on other track stand-out “EM E GEE.”

I don’t want to beat the dead horse, but the melodies are overall very good on top of the synth-lead tribe beats. If this is the sound of the next Baltimore art renassiance, I wholeheartedly welcome it.

INEVERYROOM’s cassette is available from Friends Records on Cassette for $5.00 around Baltimore, or at their website along with a “Pay-what-you-want” digital release. And don’t do what you did wit In Rainbows either. Cheapos.


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