Whartscape 2010: Thursday review

Before I start, I must apologize for my lack of  coverage over the past 4 days. But if you were at Whartscape, you’d understand.

Thursday night of Whartscape, admittedly not the most interesting night, but a fun and unique night nevertheless. As we entered the Charles Theater’s cinema, we were greeted in a traditional nonsense Wham City way. Portrayed on the large screen, in colored italicized Arial font, they welcomed up to “Quizno’s” and pleaded to tell Paypal (whom Wham City had a scuffle with) that we had a great time.

Although the night was filled with a lot of rather abstract and experimental films and acts, all of which were fairly decent, I quite enjoyed the Future Islands acoustic set. Well, psuedo-acoustic. Gerrit Welmers had a keyboard labelled “piano” with the piano effect playing. William Cashion rocked the acoustic bass, and they were joined by a drummer, a cellist, and an acoustic guitar player. Future Islands set the theater into a trance with tracks most off of their last album In Evening Air, which I named one of my top 10 albums of the year so far.

The highlight of the first half and probably the entire evening was the Q&A with Dischord Record co-founder and former Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye, whose interesting views on the state of music, and his perspective on the past drew everyone in, no matter whether or not they knew of Fugazi and MacKaye.

The second act was at times questionable, with at one point, a naked man and woman walking out, praying to a live baby, ringing a bell, and walking away. Also, a lot of the stuff was frankly not very funny, although I did enjoy The Ram Ones featuring Dan Deacon and Connor Kizer as a police chief-policeman skit duo. Uh… also, a lot of other crazy shit going on, and it was occasionally funny, but mostly not.

Sorry Whartscape on Thursday but… really not that good. Expect more awesome stuff in the days ahead.



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