New Deerhunter: Revival 7″

Deerhunter is one of the few bands where I’m excited to hear whatever material is put out. In October 2008, I became smitten with Microcastle and in the time since then have attempted to absorb nearly any and all material that the band has put out. I even ventured to Brooklyn to see the No Deachunter tour, in which Deerhunter played a round-robin set with Dan Deacon and No Age, which is one of the most memorable sets I have ever seen.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Deerhunter would release its next studio album, Halcyon Digest, on September 28 (also the same day No Age releases Everything In Between), and I became immediately ecstatic. Then yesterday, the band released the first single for the album, “Revival” b/w “Primitive 3D.” Both of these songs are vintage Deerhunter and both songs make me even more excited for Halcyon Digest‘s release, as it is shaping up to be one of the best releases of 2010.

Upon the first notes of “Revival,” you know you’re listening to a Deerhunter song. The drums are percussive and keep the beat, reminiscent of “Never Stops” in certain parts of the song. Bradford Cox continues to show why he is one of the most talented musicians out there today, as his vocals, coated lightly in reverb, strike the listener, even if the lyrics aren’t fully distinguishable. Another aspect of “Revival” that is common with other Deerhunter songs is the immediate danceability of the songs. The way Moses Archuleta propels the song makes it nearly impossible to resist the urge to move, a huge draw to the ears.

The B-side, “Primitive 3D,” is much more intense than “Revival” and showcases the guitar chops of Cox and Lockett Pundt. The song is wrought with emotion with Cox singing, “I’m hanging on / Just by a thread” before a short guitar solo. While timing in at 3:07, the actual song is much shorter, ending just after the 1:30 mark for a piano and ambient noise-filled outro, giving it an Atlas Sound-type feel.

The “Revival” single raises my expectations for Halcyon Digest incredibly. If Deerhunter puts together a complete album of songs on the same level as “Revival” and “Primitive 3D,” Halcyon Digest immediately becomes a shoo-in for album of the year, competing with the likes of Beach House’s Teen Dream and Vampire Weekend’s Contra. I recommend attempting to get your hands on “Revival” and “Primitive 3D” one hundred percent, as “Revival” will be on top tracks of the year list.

Deerhunter is playing a free show in New York City with Real Estate on August 12.



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