Videos: Cloud Nothings Acoustic

Cloud Nothings performing in Washington, D.C. in June. (photo by Daniel)

In my recap of the year in music, Cloud Nothings snuck onto my top ten songs of 2010 with their release “Even If It Worked Out.” Seeing the band open for Wavves at the end of June in Washington, D.C., I was struck by the overall sound an intensity of the Cleveland outfit. Playing classic lo-fi songs, Dylan Baldi makes each one personal and speaks to the listener every time out. Currently the band is working on their follow up to 2009’s Turning On, which, had I known about it, would have been one of my top records of 2009. Instead, I have songs like this one, “Forget You All The Time,” to look forward to.

The best part of this Open Bar segment with Cloud Nothings from FADER TV is the fact that it shows the versatility of a lo-fi musician, the ability to play a noisy lo-fi song acoustically. Baldi is able to display emotion that gets lost through the fuzz and reverb of his other recorded material, which makes the song twice as powerful and makes me look forward to the new album even more.

The Tripwire has even more acoustic Cloud Nothings, this time with Baldi performing “Hey Cool Kid” from Turning On outside on the street in the East Village in New York. You can watch the video of that performance here while also downloading the acoustic version of “Hey Cool Kid” at The Tripwire, which I definitely recommend to everyone.

Here’s a video of Cloud Nothings performing “Hey Cool Kid” in all its lo-fi glory in Cleveland Heights, Ohio in April. Contrast it with the above acoustic version.



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