A Review: Sri Aurobindo – Cave Paintings

Two nights ago at the Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Sri Aurobindo and Lands and Peoples, new Baltimore record company Friends Records released Sri Aurobindo’s third record Cave Painting on vinyl (green translucent) with a CD version of the album included in the package.

The band takes somewhat of a pride in being heavily influenced by the ‘60s psychedelic scene, similar to The Black Keys influences. With flowers painted on their bass drum and paisley everywhere, there should never be a question of what they are aiming for.

Drawing comparisons to krautrock bands Agitation Free and Amon Düül II wouldn’t exactly be out of the question, and this statement is almost solidified with the opening title track “Cave Painting.” Taking eastern influenced drum beats and heavily distorted backwards, Arabian guitar sounds, the opening track is perhaps the greatest sign of the bands love for the aged genre that once held favorites like NEU!, Can and Kraftwerk.

This is sort of the first really decent non-beach oriented (see: Real Estate, wavves, Best Coast, Beach Fossils, etc) rock record in memory, and definitely cranks out with its fuzzy bass lines and ceaseless dueling guitar riffs, which cover up the washed out vocals and chaotic drum beats. After the first track, it sort of becomes similar to the proto-heavy metal of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, à la Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, and Steppenwolf.

Sri Aurobindo’s name comes from the famous Indian freedom fighter, and notable Indian yogi of the same name, and their sort of foreign influenced, floating songs are sort of reminiscent of a meditative, transcendental style.

The bands third LP, Cave Paintings is available for $7 online, and will be available at record stores in the following weeks.



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