A Review: Neon Indian – “Psychic Chasms” (Apache Beat remix)

Neon Indian performing at the Sasquatch! Music Festival. (photo by Daniel)

Now available at Pitchfork (link) is a remix of Neon Indian’s title-track from the chillwave masterpiece Psychic Chasm by Brooklyn five-piece Apache Beat, which was released in honor of the announcement of Neon Indian’s fall tour. If you didn’t see them during their last roundabout, I suggest you go for an amazing fun time.

Neon Indian performing at Sonar in June. (photo by Daniel)

While keeping most of the song’s aesthetics, and Alan Palomo’s dynamic voice, Apache Beat adds on a tribal beat on top, combined with replacing the rather short interludes with one long extended euphoric synth jam, complete with cascading arpeggios and oscillated pads, with an increasingly hip-hop-esque, and repetitive traces of the original occasionally rearing its head into the song. Kind of disappointed they removed the sample of unintelligible words that occur in the original interlude though.

It’s overall very similar to the original track, but adds some pieces of Apache Beat that make them a half-way decent band.



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