A Review: Best Coast – Crazy For You

I often wish my life was as simple as Bethany Cosentino –aka Best Coast– makes her’s seem. In her world only a few things exist: cats, weed, Chipotle, Snooki, cats, and oh yeah, cats.

Her songwriting persona presents life in even simpler terms. Almost all of Crazy For You‘s themes are laid out plain as day. “I wish he was my boyfriend,” Cosentino sings on..”Boyfriend”, or “I want this till the end” on..”The End”. I think this might be the genius of the Best Coast discography. In the Holy Triumverate of lo-fi girl fronted groups –think Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, etc.– Best Coast is by far the most heavily influenced by the 60’s girl group vibe and it comes through on Crazy For You where she spends 12 songs talking about how she’s well..”crazy” for “you.”

People can and will complain that many of these songs sound too similar: sonically, thematically, atmospherically, and they would be absolutely right, but so what? Many artists write great albums by being keenly aware of what they do best. Best Coast is one of those artists. These songs are almost all unassailable. Crazy For You is better than I Will Be, Everything Goes Wrong, and –sorry Wavves– King of the Beach.

Simple themes, simple song structures, simply paced, simply wonderful. Prepare yourself Snacks. Soon you’ll be eating almost exclusively Fancy Fest.



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