Panda Bear “Tomboy” Preview

It’s turning out to be an exciting year for the members of Animal Collective’s, despite it being a “year off”  for them as a band, with the “lost fourth member” Deakin starting a lovely solo project, and now Panda Bear’s Tomboy album to be released in the fall, but before that, he plans on releasing a series of singles, with these being the first.

This Tuesday, Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox will release the title track “Tomboy” single off his forthcoming album with B-Side “Slow Motion” to back it up. These songs have had live previews floating around the internet for several months now, so here’s a preview of the two.


The title track starts off with a sort of, pardon the pun, tom-tom led drum beat, with a grungy guitar progression coming in shortly after. With a sort of surf-rock reverb we’d find off of his previous Person Pitch album (additionally, on his new album we find a song entitled “Surfer’s Hymn”), Panda’s melodies repeat with somewhat undistinguishable lyrics throughout.

“Slow Motion”

Led with hip-hop drum beats, and a similar guitar line to the A-Side, the song essentially reflects the song title, with a more “chilled out” song, the second side continues with the repetitive melodies found earlier. The entire thing is very reminiscent of Person Pitch, but perhaps with more soul, and less sampling found in it.

Overall, the 2 songs are essentially a more “real” (see: less sampling) version of Person Pitch, with actual instruments.


UPDATE: Both “Tomboy” and “Slow Motion” have leaked. You can stream them right here from Stereogum.

2ND UPDATE: “Slow Motion” is now available in High Quality. You can stream it here from Pitchfork.


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