Welcome to Fresh Heirs!

Welcome to the party. (photo by Anna)

Welcome to the inaugural post of Fresh Heirs!

As you can read in the About section, Fresh Heirs is a music blog founded as an outlet to make voices heard on music. The brainstorm started as just two siblings, Daniel and Anna, trying to find an avenue to publish album, song, and live performance reviews, but evolved into something more, as both founders want to distribute music and create an audience that not only reads words about music, but listens to music as well.

Fresh Heirs wants to provide a daily stop for anything music, film, photography, or art-related so that readers can see or hear or read something new every day. It won’t just be straight album reviews – it will be something more, with essays on music, random thoughts on the state of the industry, and anything relevant that comes to mind.

All the writers for Fresh Heirs love music and want to send that appreciation along to you, the reader. So bookmark Fresh Heirs. Follow Fresh Heirs on Twitter. Read something.


Daniel + Anna + Friends

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